Yesterday – a Brief Chronology of The Beatles


19 September

Brian Samuel Epstein is born in a private nursing home in Rodney Street, Liverpool.


3 December

On 3 December 1938, Julia Stanley and Alfred Lennon - John's parents - were married at Mount Pleasant Registry Office (as their son would be in 1962).

12 December

Quarrymen drummer Colin Hanton is born in Bootle.


23 June

Stuart Ferguson Victor Sutcliffe is born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

7 July

Richard Starkey is born in the front bedroom of 9 Madryn Street, in the Dingle.

9 October

John Winston Lennon is born at Oxford Street Maternity Hospital, Liverpool.

31 October

Quarrymen guitarist Eric Griffiths is born in North Wales.


18 June

Temporary Beatle Chas Newby is born in Blackpool

4 August

 John’s best friend Pete Shotton is born.

7 November

Quarrymen banjo player Rodney Verso Davis is born in Sefton General Hospital, Liverpool.

24 November

Randolph Peter Best is born in Madras, India.


6 January

Quarrymen tea-chest bass player Len Garry is born in Liverpool.

18 June

James Paul McCartney is born at Walton Hospital, Liverpool.

Quarrymen member Ivan Vaughan is born in Liverpool.

Chas Newby’s birthday too – he was one year old on this day!


24 February

George Harrison is born at 12 Arnold Grove, Wavertree, Liverpool, just before midnight, but his birth certificate shows 25 February and his birthday is celebrated on the 25.


19 June

Julia Lennon gives birth to a girl. Victoria Elizabeth Lennon at a Salvation Army Nursing Home. She is then adopted.


At Christmas time in 1945, the Best family moved from India to Liverpool, and first set up home in a flat in Cases Street in Liverpool.


9 May

John is enrolled in Dovedale School, as he is now living with his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George.


 7 July

Richard Starkey is rushed by ambulance to the Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital. He had developed peritonitis after his appendix burst, and after two operations, he slipped into a coma. He nearly died on the night of 7 July, just before his birthday.


10 September

Brian joins the family business on 10 September 1950, with no school qualifications.



George Smith, Mimi's husband, John's uncle dies suddenly.


John forms the Quarrymen early in the summer 1956, with schoolmates from Quarry Bank School. Initially there was John on guitar and vocals; Bill Smith on tea-chest bass - soon replaced by Ivan Vaughan, then Nigel Walley, and Eric Griffiths on guitar; Rod Davis on banjo; Colin Hanton on drums; Pete Shotton on washboard, and then Len Garry joins in September.


16 January

The Cavern, a former fruit and vegetable Warehouse, is opened as a Jazz Club by Alan Sytner.

9 June

The first recorded engagement for the Quarrymen was at a Carroll Levis talent show at the Empire Theatre.

22 June

The Quarrymen play on the back of a lorry at a street party in Rosebery Street on Saturday 22 June 1957, arranged through Colin Hanton's friend Charles Roberts.


George Harrison's “Rebels” make their debut in Speke.

2 July

John and Nigel Walley attempt to join the Merchant Navy

6 July

It is at St. Peters Church fete that Ivan Vaughan brings his school friend Paul McCartney to meet his primary school friend and neighbour John Lennon.

7 August

The Quarrymen first appear at the Cavern - after Paul and John had met, though Paul didn't play here.

18 October

Paul McCartney makes his debut with The Quarrymen at the New Clubmoor Hall.


John starts at the Art College in Liverpool. (It was here of course that he would meet Cynthia and Stuart Sutcliffe.)


6 February

George Harrison meets the Quarrymen at Wilson Hall.

14 July

The Quarrymen make a demo record in the studio of Percy Phillips at 38 Kensington, Liverpool.

15 July

John's mother, Julia Lennon, is knocked down and killed by an off-duty policeman.

20 December

The Quarrymen - John, Paul and George - play their final booking of 1958 at 25 Upton Green for George's brother Harry 's wedding reception.


24 January

The Quarrymen play in Woolton. This was the last known booking for them, and they effectively disbanded after this.


George Harrison joins the Les Stewart Quartet so that he can play “live”.


The Les Stewart Quartet turn down the Casbah residency, and Ken Brown and George Harrison leave the group.

29 August

The Casbah Club opens to the new resident band The Quarrymen, reformed by George Harrison and Ken Brown, with John and Paul rejoining.


After about ten weeks, Ken Brown leaves the Quarrymen over an argument about money, and the Quarrymen - John, Paul and George - walk out of the Casbah.


The Empire Theatre is the setting for the Carroll Levis talent show. John, Paul and George enter as Johnny and the Moondogs, and come third.



Stuart Sutcliffe is persuaded to buy a bass guitar by John and Paul at the Casbah and he joins them.


They briefly change their name to The Beatals


They then become the Silver Beetles, and add Tommy Moore as drummer.

5 May

Allan Williams becomes the Silver Beetles' manager.

10 May

At the Wyvern Club, John, Paul, Stuart, George and a late Tommy Moore audition for the Larry Parnes' star, Liverpool's Billy Fury.

20 May

The Silver Beatles leave for their tour of Scotland with Johnny Gentle.


Norman Chapman becomes the Silver Beatles' drummer for a month, after Tommy Moore leaves, but he too leaves after about 6 weeks as he gets called up for National Service.

24 June

Royston Ellis plays Liverpool University before introducing the Silver Beatles to their first experience of drugs.

12 August

Pete plays an “audition” of sorts at the Wyvern Club, and is quickly voted in to join them on their trip to Hamburg. On the way to Hamburg, they drop the “Silver” and become “The Beatles”.

15 October

John, Paul, George and Ringo record together in Hamburg.

21 November

George Harrison is forced to return home after breaking curfew in Hamburg for being under-age.

29 November

Paul McCartney and Pete Best are deported from Hamburg.


John Lennon returns from Hamburg


After returning from Hamburg, Paul is employed for a short time winding electrical coils at Massey & Coggins in Liverpool.

17 December

The Beatles got back together for a concert at The Casbah, with Chas Newby replacing Stuart on Bass. Their first since Hamburg

27 December

Litherland Town Hall saw the beginning of a phenomenon – Beatlemania.

31 December

National Service is abolished in Britain


9 February

Their lunchtime debut at the Cavern. Their first evening appearance was on Tuesday 21st March.

15 March

Stuart returns to Hamburg to be with Astrid again.

21 March

The Beatles play their first evening gig at the Cavern Club on the same bill as the Bluegenes.

22 June

Tony Sheridan and the “Beat Brothers” – John, Paul, George and Pete – record “My Bonnie” for Bert Kaempfert over two days

6 July

Mersey Beat newspaper is launched with John’s “being a short diversion on Beatles”, conceived and edited by Bill Harry.

3 August

Brian begins his new weekly feature in Mersey Beat – but still says he didn’t know about The Beatles two months later!

28 October

Raymond Jones walks into the NEMS store in Whitechapel and asks for a record called “My Bonnie” by a group called The Beatles.

9 November

Brian Epstein goes down to the Cavern to see The Beatles one lunchtime.

3 December

The office of N.E.M.S. – The Beatles discuss Brian becoming their manager.

6 December

Brian offers to become their manager and they accept.

9 December

The infamous gig at Aldershot where only 18 people turn up

10 December

The Beatles sign the contract with Brian at the Casbah – Brian doesn’t sign.

13 December

Mike Smith comes to the Cavern to see The Beatles perform, and sets up the New Years day audition.


1 January

The Beatles audition at Decca.

24 January

The Beatles sign a slightly amended contract with Brian Epstein at NEMS.

1 February

“The Grand Opening of The Beatle Club” advertised Brian Epstein, as this was their first gig under his management, at Macdona Hall in West Kirby.

10 February

Decca turn The Beatles down.

The Beatles play at St. Paul’s Birkenhead, and are filmed – the earliest film of them.

12 February

The Beatles audition for their first radio broadcast for “Teenager’s Turn” in Manchester

7 March

The Beatles return to BBC Manchester to record for “Teenagers Turn”. It was broadcast the next day at 5.00pm

10 April

Stuart died in Hamburg, aged only 21.

9 May

Epstein “secures” the deal with Parlophone, part of EMI.

4 June

The Beatles “sign” to EMI.

6 June

The EMI “audition” takes place.

24 June

The Beatles close the Casbah Club.


George Martin confirms the details of the recording contract.

16 August

Pete Best is dismissed from The Beatles.

18 August

Ringo joins The Beatles, and his debut is at Hulme Hall in the Wirral’s Port Sunlight.

22 August

Granada TV films The Beatles at the Cavern and there are protests against Pete’s dismissal.

23 August

John and Cynthia are married at Mount Pleasant Registry Office.

4 September

Love Me Do is recorded at Abbey Road with Ringo during a 3-hour session. Ron Richards decides he needs to bring in Andy White.

11 September

The Beatles record Love Me Do, PS I Love You and Please Please Me with Andy White on drums.

5 October

Love Me Do is released with Ringo’s version.

27 October

At Hulme Hall, Monty Lister records an interview with The Beatles for his local Hospital Radio show


11 January

Their second single, “Please Please Me” is released.

11 February

Their debut LP “Please Please Me” is recorded in one day – compare that to the months spent on Sgt. Pepper! The album is released on 22 March.

22 February

Northern Songs is formed to manage the song writing for John and Paul

22 March

The LP Please Please Me is released in the UK and stays at the top of the charts for 30 weeks. The sleeve notes are written by Tony Barrow.

8 April

Julian Lennon is born at Sefton General Hospital in Liverpool.

12 April

“From Me to You” is released and becomes their first UK number 1 hit.

28 April

John and Brian head off to Spain for a short break.

18 June

147 Dinas Lane in Huyton was Paul’s Auntie Jin’s house. A drunk John Lennon beats up Cavern DJ Bob Wooler at Paul’s 21 birthday party.

20 June

Ringo becomes a fully-fledged Beatle with an equal share of Beatles Ltd., which is set up to handle the profits, which will split the proceeds 4 ways.

3 August

The Beatles make their last appearance at The Cavern after nearly 300 appearances in two and a half years. Brian Epstein promised they would return, but they never did.


9 February

The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show at the start of their first US tour, in front of 73 million viewers.

2 March

The Beatles begin filming A Hard Day’s Night.

9 July

Jimmy Nicol, the drummer who sat in for Ringo during the start of their Australian tour was in Liverpool to promote his new single. Nicol received £500 and a gold watch from them, with the inscription, “To Jimmy, with much appreciation and gratitude from The Beatles and Brian Epstein, June 1964.”

10 July

In Liverpool for the northern premier of A Hard Day's Night, they appeared on the balcony of the Town Hall in front of about 100,000 fans after a civic reception.


11 February

Ringo marries Maureen Cox

23 February

Filming starts in the Bahamas on their new movie, “Help”

12 June

News of their MBEs is revealed in the press.

15 August

The Beatles famous show at Shea Stadium in front of 55,600 fans.

5 December

The Beatles appear at the Liverpool Empire Theatre, for their last ever appearance in Liverpool.


28 February

The Cavern closes. Fans barricade themselves inside as a protest. 5000 fans sign a petition, which is sent to the Prime Minster Harold Wilson.

18 April

Joe Davey buys the Cavern

23 July

Harold Wilson and Ken Dodd reopen the Cavern.

29 July

The London Standard article, where John refers to The Beatles to being more popular than Jesus, is reprinted in the US magazine, Datebook. Public protests begin in Alabama and across the US on 31st July.

29 August

The Beatles final concert at Candlestick Park, San Francisco in front of 25,000 fans. It is after this concert that George declares, “That's it, I'm no longer a Beatle!”

18 September

John flies to Spain to continue filming “How I Won The War”. Whilst here, he writes Strawberry Fields Forever.

27 September

Brian Epstein goes into the Priory clinic for “rest and medical checks.”

9 November

John meets Yoko at the Indica Art Gallery in London


17 February

Strawberry Fields Forever/ Penny Lane was released in Britain as a single.

1 June

At long last, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is released in Great Britain

25 June

“Our World” is broadcast live around the World, with The Beatles performing “All You Need is Love”.

27 August

Brian Epstein is found dead in London.


10 March

NEMS business is transferred to the new company “Apple”

22 August

Ringo quits the band. The others record Back in the USSR with Paul on drums. Cynthia sues John for Divorce.

3 September

Ringo rejoins.


10 January

George says he is quitting, but changes his mind later that day.

30 January

The famous rooftop show on top of the Apple Corp offices.

12 March

Paul marries Linda.

20 March

John and Yoko marry in Gibraltar.

21 March

Jackie Lomax releases “Sour Milk Sea” written by George, with backing by George, Paul and Ringo.

20 August

The last time all four Beatles record together, at Abbey Road.

20 September

John announces to an Apple board meeting that he wants “a divorce” from The Beatles stating “I’m leaving. John agrees to keep it quiet for now.

26 September

“Abbey Road” is released.


10 April

The day Paul's declaration that The Beatles have split up appears in the newspapers and TV screens: “Paul is Quitting The Beatles”. It's all over.

The End.