George Harrison

6 February 1958 - George Harrison Joins The Quarrymen

“I, Me, Mine”

George Harrison was born on 24 February 1943 – or was it 25 February? His birth certificate has always shown 25 February, but apparently he was born before midnight on the 24 February, but by the time the midwife wrote down the details, it was 25 February!

He was born at 12, Arnold Grove (Wavertree) where he lived until he was nearly seven years old. The family then moved out to 25, Upton Green (Speke) in January 1950. They lived there until 1962 when they moved again to 174 Macketts Lane (Woolton), but they soon became overrun with a new phenomenon: Beatlemania had arrived and the house was soon besieged.

George therefore moved his family out of Liverpool to a bungalow, Sevenoaks in Appleton, near Warrington.

His schooling began at Dovedale Primary School (Allerton) where he attended the same school as John Lennon, though they didn’t know each other then.

At the age of eleven, he moved on to the Liverpool Institute (Liverpool) where he befriended a lad who got the same bus to school as him: his name was Paul McCartney.

After getting a guitar and learning until his fingers bled, he formed a group with his friend Arthur Kelly, and they appeared as The Rebels at the British Legion, Dam Wood Road (Speke).

He and Paul used to learn guitar together, and soon it was Paul who introduced him to John and he joined the Quarrymen after playing a guitar riff of “Raunchy” after meeting John and the Quarrymen at a gig at Wilson Hall (Garston).

He left the Quarrymen after their appearances dried up, and joined another band called the Les Stewart Quartet, who appeared at Lowlands (West Derby). After an argument in the band, he and Ken Brown left the Les Stewart Quartet and reformed the Quarrymen adding John and Paul again to open the Casbah Coffee Club (West Derby) in August 1959.

This is an excerpt from the book, which you will need to read for the full story of George’s life.

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