WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT "LIDDYPOOL"“The depth of David Bedford's research is unprecedented. This is a fascinating, valuable and devoted piece of detective work which will appeal to any fan of the Beatles.”

Janine Ross, Marketing Manager, The Beatles Story Ltd.

“It's great to see a book from an author who is trying to sieve his way through all the various myths, legends and half-truths and paint a realistic picture of what really happened.

Rod Davis, The Quarrymen

“David has always been a stickler for detail and passionate for facts. If I needed to know some obscure piece of information relating to The Beatles or Liverpool I knew I could rely on him to provide the answer. With the publication of this book, all the information I could require is now handily available within these pages!"

Pete Nash, Editor: British Beatles Fan Club

“It's an endless surprise and joy that interest in Stuart, as a painter of real talent is now more important than him having been an early Beatle. Not that this was insignificant - indeed once upon a time, that mattered more. It's also a constant revelation that each new generation of admirers of Stuart and his talents are now focusing on some of the myths that have held fast for so long; examining them, and if found to be false, dispelling them.

"It's a pleasure to help writers like you, David, and others in your quest for a more honest picture - and I wish you every success.

Best wishes”

Pauline Sutcliffe: Stuart Sutcliffe’s sister.

"At last Liverpool has the Beatles book it deserves. 'Liddypool' has been lovingly assembled, diligently researched and lavishly illustrated. Casual browser and avid fan alike will discover something they didn't already know about the world's most documented quartet. I'd pay the cover price for the pictures alone."

Steve Turner, author of "A Hard Day's Write" and "The Gospel According to The Beatles"

“David is quite the aficionado on the Beatles. I read his book several times, and it literally blows away all the other so-called ‘Beatles experts’ who seem to follow what has been previously written. This book has everything you will ever need to get around and through your own personal tour of the Beatles Liverpool. The book is very well written, and informative. The photographs are brilliant! It’s a definite pleasure to read, and a book to read over and over. This is a book that will not disappoint the reader.”

Gordon Bates, Beatles’ Historian, Philadelphia